The Polk County Bar Association invites you to join its more than 1500 members in supporting activities to benefit the Bar and the community. The PCBA Board and its committees are working to improve the practice of law, serve the legal needs of the poor, and provide some fun for members. Membership in a PCBA Committee gives you a unique opportunity to participate in these efforts. Won’t you join us? Click here to download the application form.

  • Bench and Bar Committee. This committee is composed of lawyers and judges who work together on matters affecting the delivery of legal services in Polk County including facility needs, communication, and changes in procedure. Annually the committee sponsors a Bar Association luncheon to recognize the efforts of the judges. Receptions to celebrate new judges and retirements have also been sponsored by the committee. Promoting civility and professionalism through other events and social activities is another important task of the committee so that the positive relationship between the bench and the bar is enhanced. Hon. Mary Pat Gunderson & Matthew McDermott, co-chairs.
  • CLE Committee. Arranges and conducts two one-day continuing legal education (CLE) conferences that provide PCBA members with 15 hours of free CLE credit in a variety of topics including ethics, real estate, torts, family law, bankruptcy, and social security, just to name a few. Kristin Ensign and Adam Zenor, co-chairs.
  • Ethics Committee. Historically, the Ethics Committee has received and disposed of ethics complaints of first impression against Polk County lawyers. Due to a rule change, however, this group no longer has authority to dispose of cases. Instead, it assists the state commission in an overflow capacity; and when called upon to do so, will investigate cases and send them back with recommendations. Julia Roose, chair
  • Family Law Committee. Made up of family law attorneys, the committee gets together every 4-6 weeks with the Polk County family law judges to discuss family law-related issues. Among the topics addresses are legislative updates, mediation, collaborative law, Volunteer Lawyers Project, custody evaluations, and what’s happening on the 4th floor (family law court). The committee also assists judges in establishing administrative procedures and policies. Tim Pearson, chair
  • Fee Arbitration Committee. Hears disputes between attorneys and clients, primarily regarding fees. Membership on this committee is by recommendation of the Nominating Committee (past presidents) and by approval of the Board of Directors. Jim Sayre, chair
  • Golf Committee. Plans and presents the annual Bench and Bar golf event which raises funds for the PCBA Volunteer Lawyers Project through sponsorships and other donations. In addition, the committee plans other special events and gatherings. Ryan Clark and Scott Hall, co-chairs
  • Judicial Retention Committee. Established in November of 2010, this committee’s focus is on advancing the PCBA’s commitment to eliminating politics from the selection and retention of Iowa’s judges. The committee is charged with taking all appropriate steps to ensure that the integrity of the judicial retention process is maintained. Bill Miller & Benjamin Ullem, co-chairs
  • Law Day Committee. Plans activities for the observance of Law Day including an annual poetry and and visual arts competition for middle school and high school students in Polk County. Daniel Saar and Gail Sheridan-Lucht, co-chairs
  • Membership Committee. Encourages and recruits attorneys for membership. An integral part of this committee’s responsibilities involves developing ideas and hosting events to promote membership and participation within the Association. Anna Mundy, chair
  •  YLD Committee. Provides young lawyers in Polk County with an opportunity to make connections through social events and fosters their professional development.  Jennifer Zwagerman, and Amos Hill, co-chairs
  • Public Relations. Informs and educates the general public about the roles attorneys play in the community and the various services attorneys provide The committee prepares informative publications, develops video presentation, and assists in the administration of the PCBA Speaker’s Bureau. Gary Kendell, chair
  • Speaker’s Bureau. Helps arrange for members to speak at community groups and other events. Hon. Joe Smith, chair.
  • Newsletter Advisory. Provides input and feedback on member communications. Erik Fisk, Deborah Svec-Carstens, and Lu Ann White.

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